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Digital Twin Systems

Digital twins are an indispensable part of an innovative production facility. RISC Software GmbH would like to further establish these, among other things, for production processes and driverless transport systems through individual software solutions for its customers. For example, in the sense of optimal control of a production plant, tool wear can be minimized through feedback systems. The basis for correct functioning is a mature simulation and precise modeling for reliable prediction of the influencing variables.

Domain-specific modeling and virtual product development

With the digitization and optimization of the entire development process chain, RISC Software GmbH and its partners would like to take a path towards domain-specific modeling and virtual product development. With the help of a domain-specific language, it wants to provide domain experts on site with a tool with which they can independently adapt the design and production process according to their own wishes.

Simulation solutions using high-performance computing

The focus on high-performance computing (HPC) makes it possible to develop solutions for time-critical systems in particular. With its expertise in optimization, scientific computing and artificial intelligence methods, RISC Software GmbH sees itself as a reliable partner for the development of comprehensive, scalable and also practical simulation solutions.

Application in medicine

In the field of medicine, digital twins of anatomical structures are created in order to gain new medical insights on the one hand and to make complex surgical procedures safely trainable on the other.

Reference projects

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