Diversity is defined as “the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders and sexual orientations.” Within its company philosophy, RISC Software GmbH (RISC) adheres to this definition and strives to create equal opportunities, independent from gender, age, disabilities, cultural backgrounds and more.  

Realizing that there is a lack of diversity in the field of information technologies, RISC has actively taken on a long-term strategy to initially increase the number of female employees in the company through several research projects. The projects FUTURISC and FEMpowerED@RISC have succeeded in increasing the visibility of “Women in IT” in general and actively increased the quota of women employed at RISC Software GmbH from 20% to currently 31%. Shifting to a more inclusive outlook on gender equality, RISC is taking a next step to a broader, more inclusive take on diversity. Thus, merging from a binary perspective on gender, RISC strives to aspire inclusiveness for all genders and further establish an appreciative environment that accounts to all aspects of the definition of diversity. 

Furthermore, RISC is pursuing the long-term establishment and development of a diversity strategy in the company through the creation of company-wide awareness to topics related to gender and diversity. Therefore, a core team focusing on gender and diversity, led by two Gender Equality Officers and with commitment from Human Resources, Marketing and Management will be established. This Gender 

Equality Plan will serve as the basis and guidebook for all related activities, reassuring key performance indicators are upheld and the topics of gender and diversity are well established at RISC. 


An inspiring working environment appreciative of employees, independent of gender, age, disabilities, and cultural backgrounds is sought. Regular awareness activities will assure a respectful environment for all employees. To create equal opportunities not only at RISC, but also help increase the number of women in STEM professions, RISC will actively participate in outreach programs with other companies and research institutions. Moreover, RISC will also closely collaborate with universities to encourage female students to further pursue STEM-related careers.  


Find out more about diversity in our Gender Equality Plan:

Download Gender Equality Plan RISC Software GmbH