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NC machining simulation

Simulation and collision avoidance for computer-controlled, multifunctional complete machining centers

The many years of constructive cooperation, characterized by excellence, perseverance and trust, have so far resulted in two software products that have hardly any competition on the international market: CrashGuard Studio and CrashGuard Online Collision Avoidance. The combination of an extensive, detailed and optimally adapted offline simulation in the CAD/CAM area and a high-performance, memory-optimized and integrated real-time simulation for collision avoidance supports customers of WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co. KG in the use of their complete machining centers. In close cooperation with experts from RISC Software GmbH, software innovation in mechanical engineering fundamentally improves both resource conservation and error prevention in order to increase productivity and competitiveness and thus also underpin market dominance.

CrashGuard Studio

CrashGuard Studio is a 3D simulation software for multifunctional CNC turning, drilling and milling centers, which enables machines with their complex kinematics and extensive machining and expansion options to be simulated very realistically. An important milestone in the course of the continuous further development of CrashGuard Studio was the material removal simulation, which was implemented on the basis of the Virtual Modeling Library (see p. 38). Analogous to the real machine, the ongoing removal of material can be followed in the 3D visualization in real time. At the end of the machining process, a 3D model of the finished part is available as an additional option for verifying the NC program.

Among the many application areas of the software product are:

Product development and product maintenance are carried out to a large extent in cooperation with RISC Software GmbH. A large number of problems in the areas of geometry, algorithms and software architecture/software technology were solved by experts from RISC Software GmbH in order to meet the high demands placed on the product. The continuous improvement of the software and future planned extensions underline the successful and trusting cooperation between the two partners.

CrashGuard online collision avoidance

The CrashGuard machine extension for online collision avoidance, another product developed in cooperation between WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co. KG and RISC Software GmbH. This is a real-time collision avoidance system integrated into the machine control system, the aim of which is to avoid collisions between machine parts of complete machining centers at all times and under all circumstances. To ensure that the simulation model used can always be a little bit ahead of reality, it was necessary to develop new computational methods that are adapted to the special hardware resources of NC machine controllers. The highly optimized core application, including algorithms and data structures, as well as the corresponding preprocessing, were developed in close cooperation with mathematicians and computer scientists at RISC Software GmbH in order to meet the enormous demands on the correctness and reliability of the system. The patented system has been successfully on the market since 2005 and is offered as an option for the complete machining centers. Currently, hardly any new machine is delivered without this option, which has increased the number of machines with CrashGuard support to over 200.

Project partner

Project details

  • Project short title: Simulation von NC-Bearbeitungen
  • Project long title: Simulation und Kollisionsvermeidung für rechnergesteuerte, multifunktionale Komplettbearbeitungszentren
  • Project partner:
    • WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co KG
  • Duration: ongoing

Contact person

    Joachim Mayrböck, MSc

    Software Developer