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Geometric Modeling

Geometric modeling is a central component of CAD, CAE as well as CAM and therefore it is impossible to imagine industrial manufacturing and virtual product development without it.

Specialized custom software

RISC Software GmbH develops specialized and individual solutions for its customers for problems in geometric modeling. Through its core competence in the areas of algorithmic mathematics, geometric modeling and simulation, it sees itself as an ideal partner for developing and implementing mathematical models and algorithms for demanding applications. In particular, the combination of mathematical fundamentals with advanced software technology enables RISC Software GmbH to solve complex problems for its customers and to develop innovative products.

In addition to the development of individual software, RISC Software GmbH offers its in-house solution, the Virtual Modeling Library (VML), for the precise modeling of detailed geometries for real-time simulations (for example, for material removal simulations). In addition to industrial use cases, the solutions are also used in the medical field. The methods developed in close cooperation with physicians range from the modeling of anatomical structures (e.g. blood vessels, brain) to the virtual simulation of biomechanical behavior (e.g. blood flow simulation). By applying these solutions in clinical routine, diagnostic and treatment methods are improved, thus increasing patient safety.

Our experts have extensive experience in developing software solutions for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering and medical technology.

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