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RISC Software GmbH is an established, nationally and internationally research and development company. The company is 80 % owned by the Johannes Kepler University Linz and 20 % by the Upper Austrian Research GmbH (Upper Austria). The employees of RISC Software GmbH combine mathematics, computer science and machine learning methods with practical experience and thus develop individual software solutions for companies, medicine and industry in interdisciplinary teams.

RISC Software GmbH was founded as an application-oriented part of the RISC Institute by Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. h.c.mult. Bruno Buchberger in 1992 and is still accompanied by him as mentor and initiator. This duality of basic research (RISC Institute) and application (RISC Software GmbH) has been continued to this day and is continuously developed in the most diverse facets in close cooperation with the institute’s director Prof. Dr. Peter Paule.

Wolfgang Freiseisen

CEO RISC Software GmbH

Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. h.c.mult. Bruno Buchberger

Founder RISC Institute and RISC Software GmbH

Univ. Prof. Dr. Carsten Schneider

Chairman RISC Institute


69 % male

80 Employees

  • 81 % thereof in R&D
  • from 10 countries

31 % female

7.1 Million EUR operating revenue*

25% thereof with funding
* estimated for 2023

approx. 25 Publications

70 Projects

thereof 29 % with funding,
42 in Upper Austria, 20 in Austria, 8 EU, 8 worldwide

52 Participations

in round tables,
platforms, opinion boards,
thereof 38 % international

131 Cooperation partners

  • thereof 90 corporate partners and
  • 41 scientific partners,
  • 65 in Upper Austria,
  • 25 Austria,
  • 37 EU,
  • 4 worldwide


RISC Software GmbH is owned by the Johannes Kepler University Linz and 20 % by Upper Austrian Research GmbH (state of Upper Austria). The Supervisory Board of RISC Software GmbH is composed as follows:

Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Mag.a Christiane Tusek

Johannes Kepler University Linz
Vice-rector for finances

Member of the Supervisory Board
Univ. Prof. Dr. Carsten Schneider

Johannes Kepler University Linz
Chairman RISC Institute

Member of the Supervisory Board
Mag. Philipp Kienbauer

Upper Austrian Research GmbH
Chief Financial Officer


Zeitpunkt 1989 Zeitlinie

Foundation of a Software Development Working Group as part of the RISC Software GmbH.

Zeitpunkt 1992 Zeitlinie

Founding under the name “Gödel School” Softwareentwicklung & Systemtechnik Gesellschaft mbH by Bruno Buchberger.

Zeitpunkt 1995 Zeitlinie

RISC Software GmbH specializes in software for logistics and production planning.

Zeitpunkt 2000 Zeitlinie

Launch of the cooperation with DS Automotion in the field of driverless transport systems. RISC Software GmbH has 6 employees.

Zeitpunkt 2001 Zeitlinie

DI Wolfgang Freiseisen becomes Managing Director.

Zeitpunkt 2003 Zeitlinie

The cooperation between Airbus and RISC Software GmbH starts.

Zeitpunkt 2004 Zeitlinie

RISC Software becomes a sub­sidiary of JKU Linz.

Zeitpunkt 2006 Zeitlinie

RISC Software starts participation in the first EU project named PLATO-N.

Zeitpunkt 2008 Zeitlinie

The Unit Logistics Informatics wins the multimedia & e-business STATEPRIZE 2008 in the category: e-commerce and customer loyalty for Post.Versandmanmanager.Pro. Integration of Research Unit Medical Informatics and the involvement of Upper Austrian Research GmbH with 20%.

Zeitpunkt 2010 Zeitlinie

RISC Software GmbH is a founding member of the Austrian Center of Scientific Computing.

Zeitpunkt 2012 Zeitlinie

Research Unit Medical Informatics wins MEDVIS 3D State Prize for Innovation for MEDVIS 3D. Start of the project ITS Austria West. RISC software has over 50 employees.

Zeitpunkt 2013 Zeitlinie

The Unit Advanced Computing Technologies launches EU project: MrSymBioMath.

Zeitpunkt 2015 Zeitlinie

The “food4all @ home” research project of the Unit Logistics Informatics wins Spring Award of bmvit.

Zeitpunkt 2016 Zeitlinie

With Virtual Aneurysm, the Research Unit Medical Informatics wins the State Prize for Innovations of the State of Upper Austria for the most radical innovation.

Zeitpunkt 2017 Zeitlinie

RISC Software GmbH is the lead developer of the AI strategy for the State of Upper Austria. RISC celebrates Anniversary: 30 Years RISC Institute and 25 Years RISC Software GmbH.

Zeitpunkt 2021 Zeitlinie

Foundation of Unit Domain-specific Applications

Zeitpunkt 2022 Zeitlinie

RISC Software GmbH celebrates its 30th anniversary during the Ars Electronica Festival at JKU Linz