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Data, Text and Image Processing

The digitization efforts of the last decades have led to automated data collection, which presents many companies with major challenges in data processing and analysis. RISC Software GmbH relies on smart technologies in the field of data engineering and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze (real-time) information and collected data pools from texts, images or sensor data and derive suitable optimization measures. It supports companies in efficiently processing and analyzing their data.

Data Engineering as a solid basis for the efficient use of Data Science

Before analysis, data from various sources is integrated and made usable efficiently. Data engineering is thus a prerequisite for the efficient use of data science, especially in the Big Data area. Central activities such as data cleansing, data integration, data model transformation, improvement of data utilization through fast queries and data preparation are supported by AI..

Analysis of data and images

Mathematical processes and methods from the fields of visual analytics, data analysis and machine learning enable an analysis of structured data and images (machine vision or computer vision). In the process, correlations and patterns are recognized, which can be used for error and cause analysis as well as for continuous quality monitoring.

Processing and interpretation of text data

Natural Language Processing can also be used to automatically process (unstructured) text data and act as an interface between humans and machines. For example, documents can be automatically assigned to previously defined categories, important information can be extracted from texts, or the mood of customers can be recognized.

RISC Software GmbH meets the current requirements of modern data management and offers an individually customizable tool for automated knowledge extraction from data, texts and images. Start with Industrial AI and benefit from a better understanding of your data.

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