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Research project BurnCase 3D

One research focus of the Department of Medical Informatics is medical modeling and simulation, which includes in particular research in the field of objective diagnosis and documentation based on virtual patients (three-dimensional models adapted to real patients).

Diagnosis and documentation of severe burns

The research work in this field was initiated by the BurnCase 3D project, which helps to optimize the scientific diagnosis and documentation of severe burn injuries. The determination of the extent of a burn injury by the treating physicians is often subject to large estimation errors and individual fluctuations. The computer-aided, complete and objective diagnosis and course documentation of the entire burn treatment creates a basis for evidence-based scientific evaluations. Through the automatic generation of evaluations and coding suggestions, BurnCase 3D combines a considerable increase in quality with a significant reduction in medical diagnosis and documentation effort.

Scientifically evaluable data

BurnCase 3D can be used independently of country and institution to support and optimize the diagnosis and documentation of burn injuries. By establishing this software in burn medicine, a large amount of scientifically analyzable data can be created, which is an important basis for studies and for the creation of a worldwide expert system for burn treatment.

Progress documentation for the evaluation of success

The results achieved in this field of application have shown the advantages of efficient and objective documentation on virtual patients. In the meantime, these findings and methods are being used, among other things, for chronic wound treatment. Especially here, an evaluation of the success of current therapies is only possible on the basis of chronological, structured and objective progress documentation. Especially in this medical environment, there is a demand for comprehensive qualitative data collection for studies and thus for the creation of a scientific basis for a medical expert or decision support system. The research projects Qutis 3D and Surface 3D (web-based) should make this possible.

Special thanks go to senior physician Dr. Herbert Haller. He came up with the project idea and without his persistent and great support from the medical side, such a research project would not be feasible. Furthermore, we would like to thank all partners who were involved in the development of the software.

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