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EU project metaFacturing: Digitalization in metal part production

The EU-funded Horizon Europe project “Data and Metadata for advanced Digitalization of Manufacturing Industrial Lines” (metaFacturing) aims to promote digitalization in the field of metal part production – casting and welding.

In particular, it aims to reduce scrap and costs and simplify operation. This is to be achieved through the development of a widely-applicable digital twin, which is based on efficient process simulation as well as data standardization and data fusion.

This approach will merge all available process data, such as material data, process measurements, quality control and product validation, to provide automatic feedback for process control. In addition, the process model is also to be used for training employees in manufacturing.

Following demonstrator projects will be implemented:

  • Casting of metal parts:
    Decision support for improving process settings in cast part manufacturing. Estimate/correct the process settings that yield the best product quality (e.g., defect reduction).
  • Welding of structural parts:
    Improving the efficiency of the production process as well as product quality improvement by merging data from process planning, the running process and quality analysis. The results are fed back into the process by reconfiguring sensors and actuators.

The project consortium includes 13 international partners from five countries, with industrial and application partners working together with research institutions. Through the participation of local industrial partners such as Fill GmbH, Fronius GmbH and Nemak, the business location of Upper Austria also has the opportunity to benefit from the metaFacturing research project.

RISC Software GmbH will contribute to the project with its expertise in the areas of mathematical hybrid modelling of manufacturing processes as well as data analysis and data engineering, including data pre-processing and integration.

RISC Software GmbH will take on various tasks within the project and act as the leader of work package WP3, which deals with the definition of the data processing strategy. Also RISC Software GmbH takes care of data cleansing and integration to ensure seamless cooperation between the different systems. Another important aspect of RISC Software’s work is the investigation and enhancement of AI algorithms and technologies to automatically convert online information on the process to improve settings.


The research project is funded by the European Union with the No. 101091635.

Project partners

Project details

  • Project short title: metaFacturing
  • Project long title: Data and Metadata for advanced Digitalization of Manufacturing Industrial Lines
  • Funding rcall: HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01
  • Project partners
    • KU Leuven (Consortium lead)
    • LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen GmbH
    • AIT Austrian Insitute of Technology GmbH (third party)
    • Universität Gent
    • EWF (European Federation for welding joining and cutting)
    • Fronius International GmbH
    • Nemak Europe GmbH
    • Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH
    • VITRONIC Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GMBH
    • FILL Gesellschaft m. b. H.
    • Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade
    • LTH Castings, ULITKI D.O.O.
  • Budget volume (total): 5.768.142,75 Euro
  • thereof subsidies (total): 4.997.762 Euro
  • Duration: 36 Monate (01/2023 – 12/2025)


    Project management

    Dr. Roxana Holom, MSc

    Data Sciene Project Manager & Researcher