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Internship in the Domain Specific Applications Unit: Sonja Lindenmaier 

Sonja Lindenmaier studies Software Engineering at the FH Hagenberg and completed her bachelor internship in the unit Domain-specific Applications. There she developed a web application for capacity planning of agile teams.

What is your name, how old are you, where are you from?

My name is Sonja Lindenmaier, I am 31 years old and come from Leonding.

How did you hear about RISC Software?

Through some acquaintances who work in RISC Software.

In which department did you work and what were your activities?

I worked in the Domain-Specific Applications department, where I worked on a web application that helps improve capacity planning in agile teams. Working on this project not only advanced me from a technical point of view, I was also able to get to know the specifics of agile methods like Scrum in more detail.

How did you feel about your work environment?

The working environment was very pleasant, I could count on support from the entire team if I had any questions. The daily work routine was very pleasant, I felt integrated into the team from the first day.

Do you also want to work with us?

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