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Internship in the field of Natural Language Processing

We have been fusing software engineering, mathematics, agility, research and technology into a unique total package for over 30 years. As a non-university research institution, we do not work for maximum financial gain, but want to do our part for a better world. 

In our dedicated team of enthusiasts, we offer a


in the area of Artificial Intelligence & Data, Text and Image Processing 

As part of a young and dynamic team you can gain experience in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The Project

Your focus in this internship is on the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) for application-oriented problems from domains such as media or commerce. In the course of a research project you will contribute to the implementation of a dynamic and versatile solution using modern NLP libraries from the Python environment (e.g. Transformers, PyTorch, LangChain, etc.).

From the beginning, you will work as part of the NLP team and a mentor on a further building block, which will be integrated into our Enterprise-AI-4-Text Framework and will be used in different areas.

YOur task

Within this work you will have the opportunity to work with different models (for example Falcon, MPT, LLaMA, BERT). Specifically, the focus in the work is on:

  • Solving problems in the areas of LLM-based semantic search, information extraction or sentiment analysis
  • Design, development and testing of text processing pipelines with focus on genericity and scalability
  • Advanced Prompt Engineering 








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