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Now with in-house, customized legally compliant AI tool for business success

An in-house, customized, legally compliant AI tool to support your business success

We support you in the analysis of large text data, semantic search, automated text summaries, emotion analysis, document classification and much more. The results can be integrated into a higher-level framework. As a result, errors can be minimized in various areas, processes can be (partially) automated, and savings can be achieved (through reduced personnel costs). Start now with Innovation Check!

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Initial situation

  • Large amount of unstructured text data
  • Complex, repetitive, monotonous tasks and processes in the processing and evaluation of texts
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  • Structuring of unstructured data
  • Derivation of information
  • Generation and revision of texts

Added value

  • Knowledge
  • (Partially) automate tasks and use freed-up resources for other complex tasks

With Natural Language Processing (NLP), computers are able to automatically process and generate natural language and act as an interface between humans and machines.

Whether (voice) messages are to be structured, customer feedback evaluated or fault messages in manufacturing processes analyzed, we accompany you from data to integration and offer individually tailored solutions with a proven framework as a starting point.

Example tasks:

  • Classification of texts: classifying texts into predefined categories.
  • Extraction of information: Identifying information in texts and structuring or standardizing the extracted content.
  • Sentiment analysis: texts are checked for positive, negative or neutral sentiment to understand the author’s opinion or emotion.
  • Automatic summarization of texts: texts are transformed into shorter versions representing the most important information
  • Semantic search: search engines understand the meaning of search queries and provide relevant results that match the search context.
  • Text translation: texts are translated from one language to another.
  • Speech-to-text and text-to-speech: spoken words are converted into written text and vice versa.
  • Chatbots: artificial intelligence-driven programs capable of human-like conversations and answering questions.
  • Topic discovery and modeling: analyzing text to identify relevant topics or ideas and assigning them.
  • Detecting spam, fake news, etc.: Identifying unwanted or misleading content such as spam emails, fake news, etc.

Application perspectives for companies

Contact person

    Mag. Stefanie Kritzinger-Griebler, PhD

    Head of Unit Logistics Informatics