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Semi-annual meeting for the Platform Zero project in HagenbergHalbjährliches Meeting für Projekt Platform Zero in Hagenberg

Between January 11 and 12, 2024, RISC Software GmbH hosted the second semi-annual meeting as part of the EU-funded research project Platform Zero.

Presentation and Coordination among Project Partners

During this meeting, project partners presented the progress made so far and jointly coordinated the further course of action.

Development Progress in Sensor Technology and Calibration

According to the project plan, the focus in the months before the meeting was on the development of sensors and their calibration for specific use cases in the project. The calibration included, among other things, the selection and control of lighting elements for optical sensors.

Discussion on Data Analysis Methods

Additionally, various methods for data analysis and their efficient implementation on the project’s container infrastructure were discussed.

Construction of Container Infrastructure by RISC Software GmbH

The container infrastructure, developed by RISC Software GmbH in recent months and configured for the project’s requirements, enables a variety of tasks for data preparation. It also supports the integration of data from different sensors based on their location on individual solar cells, as well as the deployment of AI models for quality assessment of the produced solar cells.

Interactive Demonstration and Networking Opportunities

Beyond the substantive work, guests had the opportunity to experience the challenges of automatic traffic sign detection with the “Crash me if you can” demonstrator. Additionally, the Consortium dinner provided an ideal opportunity to relax and network at the end of the first day of the meeting.

Conference Dinner

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    DI Paul Heinzlreiter

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