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Sandra Wartner: Data Scientist

Sandra Wartner studied Biomedical Informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg and works as a Data Scientist in various customer and research projects.

What kind of education do you have?

With my bachelor’s degree in “Bio- and Medical Informatics” and the master’s degree in “Biomedical Informatics” at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg, which builds on it, I was well equipped to enter the professional world.

What made you decide to study engineering? Would you choose to study engineering again?

I can highly recommend studying engineering to everyone. Exciting subject areas, teamwork in different project teams and always new tricky tasks make for a varied working day.

How did you hear about RISC Software?

The career fair FH>>next, which is organized by the FH Hagenberg every year, offers a good opportunity to get in direct contact with companies and to talk to the employees about the current projects. Here I could inform myself about the main focus of RISC Software GmbH, which aroused my interest in an application.

What are your responsibilities at RISC Software GmbH?

As a Data Scientist in the Data Management and Analytics competence area, I am involved in various customer and research projects with a focus on data analysis. Other activities include writing scientific publications as well as lectures for knowledge transfer in the field of data analysis.

What do you like about your job?

The variety – here you don’t have a normal, boring office job where you routinely follow the same work processes every day. The different demands and tasks require you to continuously develop yourself. Rarely do you work and research on the same or similar tasks. This is precisely what makes the work so exciting.

How would you rate equal opportunities for men and women at RISC Software GmbH?

The cooperation between men and women works extremely well and has a positive effect on the working atmosphere due to mutual respect. In the meantime, the proportion of female technicians has risen to just under a third. Research projects such as “FEMPowered@RISC” and “RISCveryity” also offer numerous training opportunities (including management and conflict management training) that promote the strengths of women and make it easier for them to move up and into project management positions.

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