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Marco Jahn: Apprenticeship information technology – computer science

Marco Jahn from Freistadt completed the apprenticeship “Information Technology – Computer Science” and passed through several departments.

What is your name, how old are you, where are you from?

My name is Marco Jahn, I am 19 years old and come from Freistadt.

How did you hear about RISC Software?

I was supposed to complete trial days in a company as part of my school education. A school colleague drew my attention to a neighboring company of RISC Software GmbH, but I was rejected there. This company in turn sent me to RISC Software GmbH, as they were open to inquiries. No sooner said than done: since RISC Software GmbH had an office directly on the first floor of the neighboring building, I went there for information and was immediately sent on to the secretary’s office, where I was given the opportunity to complete these trial days. So it was a bit of a gauntlet run, but in the end it led me to my goal.

In which department did you work and what were your activities?

I completed the apprenticeship “Information Technology – Computer Science”, with an apprenticeship period of three and a half years. At the beginning I was in the system administration, where I learned the technical aspects. After 2 years, I then switched to software development and have developed very well in this area.

What did you learn during your apprenticeship? What were your biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge of all was my personal development. Of course, I also learned a lot about software development and technology during this time, but the development from a student and teenager to a developer in a renowned software company and adult was the biggest challenge.

How did you feel about your work environment?

As already answered in the previous question, my personal development into an adult has been very challenging, here colleagues have played a very important role.

Would you choose this apprenticeship at RISC Software GmbH again?

Absolutely! I would not have gone through this adventure with anyone else.

What does your future career path look like, what do you want to do?

I see myself in a company like RISC Software GmbH, where I have the opportunity to develop even more, both professionally and personally, and to learn as many new things as possible.

Do you also want to work with us?