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C++20 Concepts brings sanity to generic programming – Michael Hava on using std::cpp 2023

Michael Hava gave a talk on C++ Concepts at the “using std::cpp 2023” conference held April 27-28 at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Generic programming has been a cornerstone of “Modern C++” since the introduction of STL in 1994, but it took until C20 to introduce a key aspect of the paradigm: Concepts. After a brief look at the mathematical underpinnings, Michael explains how common use cases are greatly simplified by the use of Concepts, especially compared to their emulation prior to C++20. Once the use of Concepts is clarified, a look at their definition and a common problem with subsumption is provided. The main takeaway from this talk is that Concepts greatly simplify generic programming, transforming it from a purely expert project into normal programming.

The whole talk is available on YouTube:

About Michael Hava

Michael Hava, Senior Software Developer and C++ luminary at RISC Software GmbH, is part of the C++ Standardization Committee. He joined RISC Software in 2011 during his master studies at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria – Campus Hagenberg. Since then, he has promoted the adoption of modern C++ in various areas of technology. With the goal of extending this promotion to education, he returned to his former university of applied sciences as a part-time lecturer in 2016. After attending his first C++ standardization meeting in 2019, he became a founding member of the Austrian C Working Group and serves as chair of the national body. He remains in the LEWG most of the time and several of his papers are currently focused on C+26: P2495, P2548, P2697, P2819.

    Michael Florian Hava, MSc

    Senior Software Architect

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