Today, software systems for realistic and detailed simulations are key tools for developing highly technological products and systems in many areas of industry. In the field of Virtual Product Development we deal with new developments and advancements of the necessary technical-scientific software systems.

On one hand, we are working on further possibilities for combining multidisciplinary, distributed analysis systems, so that virtual products can be modeled as comprehensively as possible with all their properties and requirements. Because of this ever-increasing number of design freedoms (e.g., new materials or flexible production methods), mathematical optimization methods are becoming more and more important in this context.We are also concerned with the development of design and engineering tools for integrated, distributed product development processes.


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Alexander Leutgeb

Head of Unit Industrial Software Applications


Multidisciplinary Structural Optimization

From the very beginning, no other subjects had such a strong impact on aviation as the development of lightweight structures and efficient propulsion systems.

Static Verification of Aircraft Structural Components

More than ten years ago Airbus Defence and Space initiated the development of the application Strength 2000.

Geometry Modeling in Conceptual Design

Today more than ever, the design of new aircraft models is a costly and time-intensive process due to the high demands.