Three application-oriented business units and one comepetence area of RISC Software GmbH

The interdisciplinary teams of RISC Software GmbH develop (individual) software solutions for business and industry on the basis of an extraordinary combination of competences in mathematics, computer science and practical experience in both industrial processes and engineering sciences. The special feature of RISC Software GmbH is the combination of scientific know-how in mathematics and computer science, as well as the ability acquired over the years to convert complex and demanding industrial problems into useful and sustainable software. Whether individually adapted to existing systems or newly implemented throughout, solutions that customers actually need for their work processes in the company are provided. The result is individual software solutions that go beyond standard software and give customers a decisive competitive edge over their competitors.

Consequently, RISC Software GmbH is divided into three application-oriented business areas and one knowledge-specific competence area. These units cover various disciplines and create a wide variety of solutions for engineering sciences, logistics, information technologies and medicine.

Logistics Informatics

Logistics Informatics

The Logistics Informatics (RISC-LI) unit designs and develops software for the planning, optimization, simulation and control of processes, e.g., mathematical optimization of production processes, the planning and simulation of supply networks, intralogistics or internal material flows. It forms the bundled professional competence in smart transport logistics, information systems for logistics networks, as well as material flow and production planning. Industry knowledge is just as important as technical know-how and application-oriented research in this area.

Industrial Software Applications

The Industrial Software Applications (RISC-ISA) unit specializes in industrial applications for simulations, analyses and optimization in technical disciplines. It is highly specialized in the needs and requirements of modern industry and creates individual software that meets the high and complex challenges of industries such as aerospace and machine tool construction.

Medical Informatics

The Medical Informatics Department (RISC-MI) conducts application-oriented research in modern medicine. Here, highly specialized and internationally used software is developed in the areas of medical image processing, biomechanical simulation and patient virtualization.

Data Engineering Gebäude

Domain-Specific Applications

In the Domain-Specific Applications (RISC-DSA) unit, everything revolves around data management and processes. With several agile teams and using the latest (web) technologies, process and development models, the employees create individually tailored solutions for customers. From the initial idea to roll-out, RISC-DSA supports all phases of the process lifecycle, while the projects are continuously supervised by certified coaches to continuously improve the software development lifecycle.

At first glance, these seemingly completely different areas combine the symbiotic combination of mathematics and software engineering with industry know-how to create software solutions for business. It is not a question of separating, but of bundling the various strengths in the specific disciplines. A lively intracompany exchange is an important principle and part of the corporate culture. Accordingly, many projects are handled across units.