Generic data management with CALUMMA.

Salinen Austria AG is Austria’s leading manufacturer of salt products with an annual production of 1.1 million tonnes and a turnover of € 100 million. More than 450 employees work to supply Austria with a wide range of different products, from table salt to industrial salt, chemically pure salt for the medical sector and road salt for winter service. This range of products and the associated Salinen Austria AG relies on the ontology-based data infrastructure CALUMMA of RISC Software GmbH to survey and manage information diversity.

CALUMMA allows the operator of the system, in this case the IT department of Salinen Austria AG, to adapt and expand at any time independently and without programming to a changed requirement. CALUMMA is not only used as a data platform, but also as the basis technology for web-based information and workflow systems based on it. Of these, three are currently in productive use at Salinen Austria.

Product Database

Salinen Austria AG has several thousand products in its portfolio – from simple salt shakers to complex industrial salt. The associated data (chemical properties, nutritional value tables, types of print, etc.) are distributed in several database systems and can also be found in various files. To unify this diversity, all this data is brought together in a central product database based on CALUMMA. In this way, the necessary information can be made available to the various users on a uniform platform.

Planning tool for mining projects

The salt mines in Bad Ischl and Ebensee, with an age of more than 1000 years, are by far the longest-serving in Austria. The corresponding planning and evaluation of the mining projects has been carried out since the end of 2016 via a web-based central planning tool based on CALUMMA. In this way, the respective project managers have a global overview and can use their resources in a coordinated manner.

Shopping Management System

The web-based centralized purchasing management system offers a group-wide uniform processing of purchasing processes. Operators based on well-known online shops, the authorized users can make purchases for the company. The complex processing in the background remains completely hidden.

The use of CALUMMA as the basic technology for web-based systems does not just focus on developing a stable code base. CALUMMA also offers numerous ready-made components (data model, rights and user management, automatically generated UI elements, interfaces, etc.), resulting in standardized development and consistent operation. In addition, Salinen Austria AG benefits from the entire range of CALUMMA functions and can, for example, immediately use the automated data interfaces or the CALUMMA Management Tool for processing and visualizing the data in a variety of ways.