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Central issues of science, business and industry can only be met by combining all available solution methods today. Methods and skills from computer science and mathematics are used. Software solutions contribute an increasingly important part in this area. The implementation of applied research projects and technology transfer from the university environment in the economy are crucial for the development and competitiveness of Europe as a business location.

RISC Software GmbH is one of the most renowned Austrian research institutions and has been engaged in research and development since its foundation more than 25 years ago. This involves applied research, experimental development and technology transfer to basic research in the field of professional software development. RISC Software GmbH emerged as the application-oriented area of the RISC Institute JKU and is therefore deeply linked to the university environment. RISC Software covers three main areas:

Software Development

The application of methods and expertise from computer science and mathematics for problems of science, business and industry.

Technology Transfer

The technology transfer by software from the University in the economy, particularly in terms of basic research.

Applied Research Projects

The implementation of applied research projects for the Austrian economy in national and international context.

The four applications-oriented areas of RISC Software GmbH - Domain expertise as an advantage

RISC Software GmbH is divided into three domain specific and one thematic areas: Industrial Software Applications (ISA), Logistics Informatics (LI), Medical Informatics (MI) and Domain-specific Applications (DSA). While ISA and LI are mostly dealing with software solutions for economic and industrial research within products and projects, the area MI deals with basic research and applied research and development. The competence area DSA is present as a crosscutting topic in all areas.

Funded Projects

RISC Software GmbH supports you when searching for a matching grant for your personal project proposals in order to keep the costs manageable. Cooperation with RISC Software GmbH facilitates domestic companies access to research funding, because the expertise, the experience and reputation of RISC Software GmbH is essential for the Grantor in assessing the eligibility. Of course, this cannot be seen as a guarantee for any funding commitment. Nevertheless, the high success rate speaks for a cooperation with RISC Software GmbH. Approximately 90% of the projects were transferred from research in practice or in the next stage of development within two years.

RISC Software GmbH distinguishes three types of projects:

Feasibility and Concept Studies

Feasibility and concept studies can be conducted as innovation checks or feasibility studies.

Cooperative Research

The cooperative research is characterized as a consortium of research and industrial partners who submit a joint research project, get it authorized and then implement it. Following funding opportunities are available: EU projects, ICT of the future cluster projects.

Contract Research

In contract research the rights and obligations are clearly defined by a contract between contractor and client. There are special requirements of the Grantor for specific national funding programs such as innovation cheque, feasibility study or FFG basic programs.

Basically, this unbureaucratic funding opportunities for Austrian companies are a low-threshold way to research to reduce risk in the beginning and RISC Software GmbH is happy to advise with its long experience.

Selected Projects


Project-NameRuntimeFramework programmeShort descriptionLong descriptionUnit
GRAPES12/2019-11/2023H2020Learning, processing and optimising shapes Software Applications
SAGEX09/2018-08/2022H2020Consortium that combines international researchers in the research area of scattering amplitudes with world-leading industrial partners.SAGEX WebsiteMedical Informatics
OptiMACS05/2018-04/2022H2020European Industrial Doctorate for efficient multidisciplinary design and optimization of multifunctional aerospace composite structures.CORDIS OptiMACS WebsiteIndustrial Software Applications
BOOST 4.001/2018-12/2020H2020The largest European Big Data for Industry 4.0 initiative Joining forces towards an European Industrial Data SpaceCORDIS Project WebsiteLogistics Informatics
SenseBurn08/2017-08/2021FFG (Eurostars)Non-invasive diagnostic tool for analysis of depth and area of burn injuriesEurostars WebsiteSenseBurn Projekt WebseiteMedical Informatics
InnoHPC01/2017-06/2019 interregInnoHPC project is a pioneering effort to improve framework conditions for innovation by providing unique institutional and technological infrastructure, designed specifically to pool and exploit HPC infrastructure on a transnational level. Software Applications
HiggsTools 01/2014 – 12/2017 FP7The Higgs quest – exploring electroweak symmetry breaking at the LHC CORDISRISC
PRACE-4IP 02/2015-05/2017 H2020 PRACE 4th Implementation Phase Project CORDISIndustrial Software Applications
ARCADES01/2016-01/2020 H2020Algebraic Representations in Computer-Aided Design for complEx Shapes CORDISIndustrial Software Applications
Mr.SymBioMath 02/2013-01/2017 FP-7 High Performance, Cloud and Symbolic Computing in Big-Data problems applied to mathematical modeling of Comparative Genomics CORDISRISC
PRACE-3IP 07/2012-06/2016 FP-7 PRACE – Third Implementation Phase Project CORDISIndustrial Software Applications
LHCPHENONET01/2011-12/2014 FP-7 Advanced Particle Phenomenology in the LHC era CORDISRISC
PLATO-N 10/2006-12/2009 FP-6 A Platform for Topology Optimisation incorporating Novel, Large-Scale, Free Material Optimisation and Mixed Integer Programming Methods CORDISIndustrial Software Applications

Nationwide Projects

Project-NameRuntimeFramework programmeShort descriptionLong descriptionUnit
xebris_s2t03/2022 - 12/2022FFGAutomated, AI-based integration of voice messages in the editorial workflow of a traffic newsroomLogistics Informatics
Newsadoo NEEED05/2022 - 11/2023FFGDevelopment of an intelligent algorithm that provides personalized news based on user's behaviorLogistics Informatics
vasig_prm4004/2019-9/2022FFG Mobilität der ZukunftDevelopment of an integrated model-based condition monitoring and prediction system for track and rolling stockLogistics Informatics
ffg_safesign 03/2020-08/2021 Ideen Lab4.0 - Ausschreibung 2019 The project investigates to what extent disturbances in current deep learning based number plate classification systems contribute to misclassifications. Informatics
ffg_innoFIT06/2018-2/2022FFG Produktion der ZukunftInnovative forecast and demand adjustment through the use of sales data from new information technologies Informatics
HOPL05/2014-04/2018 FFG Heuristic Optimization in Production and Logistics FFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
bootcamp_datasecurity11/2019-10/2021 FFG Digital Pro Bootcamps The project promotes intensive, specialised IT qualification measures. During nine weeks in the boot camp, selected participants learn new IT methods and are trained as digital professionals for their companies. Informatics
VizARd11/2018-4/2021FFG IKT der ZukunftVisual Augmented Reality Assistant for Spatial Mapping Informatics
FlashCheck02/2017-01/2020 FFG (e!MISSION)Arc detection in DC networks - control-oriented identification with compressed symbolic symbolic classificationFFG WebsiteIndustrial Software Applications
NeuroAssistCoin 11/2016-10/2018 FFG (COIN)Decision support aid for the treatment and diagnosis of neurological disordersFFG WebsiteMedical Informatics
fhooe_atropine 12/2015-05/2018 FFGFast Track to the Physical Internet YouTube VideoLogistics Informatics
SmaPro10/2014-05/2016 FFG Smart Production - machine data analysis and interpretation in productionFFG WebsiteIndustrial Software Applications
SIAM10/2015-09/2017 FFGSeamless Interoperability of Assistive Modules in the Digital Factory FFG WebsiteIndustrial Software Applications
LogicGuard II 07/2014-03/2017 FFG Optimized verification of time-quantified logical formulas with computer security applicationsFODOK JKURISC
PIPES-VS-DAMS 03/2012-10/2012 FFG Privacy Preserving Visual Dynamic Network Analysis for Advanced System Monitoring on Multiple Scales Project WebsiteRISC
TRIUMPH II 10/2013-10/2016 FFGTrimodal transshipment port II - Efficient flow through digital networkingFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
KoLaMBra 09/2013-08/2015 FFGDevelopment of an integrated organizational concept for a cooperative load-Mile branch logisticsFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
iWAVE+ 03/2010-03/2012 FFG Integrated freight car shipping planning and controlFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
IPPO09/2015-08/2017 FFG intelligent networking of forecasting, planning and optimization for designing sustainable transport chainsFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
time4trucks 02/2009-05/2011 FFG Cooperative timing of road freight traffic to avoid traffic peaks, traffic jams and congestion costsFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
LeWaDis07/2010-10/2012FFGAlgorithm-based partial automation of the disposition of empty rail freight carsFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
food4all@home09/2013-06/2015 FFGNationwide home delivery of everyday goodsFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
RTM-O10/2015-10/2016 FFGRail Transport Mobility OptimizationFFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics
vizARd11/2018-10/2020FFG IKT der ZukunftVisual Augmented Reality Assistant for Spatial Mapping Informatics
ProKapa10/2017-9/2019FFG and BMVITDynamisches prognosegestütztes Kapazitätsmanagement zur Umsetzung von Rahmenbedingungen des Physical Internet.FFG WebsiteLogistics Informatics

Regional Projects

Projekt-NameRuntimeFramework programmeShort descriptionLong descriptionUnit
NeoKE05/2021 - 09/2022Land OÖNetwork of Knowledge EnginesNetwork of Knowledge EnginesIndustrial Software Applications
OOE SPA05/2022 - 11/2023Land OÖModellierung und Optimierung realer, industrieller Systeme durch secure prescriptive AnalyticsLogistics Informatics
MIMAS.ai01/2022 - 12/2025Land OÖMedical Image Processing, Modeling and Simultation based on Artificial Intelligence Medical Informatics
Resinet01/2021 - 09/2022Land OÖ (EFRE)Resilienzsteigerung in EnergienetzenRESilienzsteigerung In EnergieNETzen (RESINET)Logistics Informatics
MEDUSA07/2019-6/2023Land OÖ, Leitprojekt "Medizintechnik"Medical EDUcation in Surgical Aneurysm clipping Informatics
EVIS.AT ITSUA201/2019-06/2022Land OÖ / Kli:EnReal-time traffic information road - Austria Informatics
MC312/2018-11/2022FTI Land OÖMedical Cognitive Computing CenterMedical Informatics
LisiGoesDigital10/2016-03/2019Land OÖImproved and individualized traffic information and prognosis for car drivers in Upper Austria via croud-sourcing.Logistics Informatics
momentum10/2016-03/2019 Land OÖ (EFRE) Development of new methods for real-time capable geometric modeling and visualization of solids.Industrial Software Applications
vasig_switch_LI_PL 09/2016-08/2018 Land OÖ (FFG) Generation of a comprehensive data pool via the mechatronic system Weiche with the aid of complex sensor networks.Logistics Informatics
EndoPredictor09/2015-02/2018 Land OÖ (FFG) Prediction system for complications after endovascular aortic repair due to geometric-biomechanical dataMedical Informatics
DigiMont12/2014-11/2017 Land OÖ (FFG) Digital assembly with regard to planning, control and optimization of the assembly process in "lot size 1"Logistics Informatics
DynComp 04/2015-04/2017 Land OÖ (FFG) Dimensioning and testing of dynamically highly loaded composite components for aircraft structuresIndustrial Software Applications
TourGuide10/2015-09/2018 Land OÖ Personalized medicine through navigation system for the collection and analysis of complex clinical dataMedical Informatics
SmartFleet+ 04/2014-04/2017 Land OÖ SmartFleet LivingLab Logistics Informatics
EVIS AT 01/2015-12/2018 Land OÖ Real time traffic information road - AustriaEVIS Projekt WebsiteLogistics Informatics
Engrave12/2013-12/2014 regio13New, massively parallel computation method for the efficient simulation of modeling processes. Regio13 WebsiteIndustrial Software Applications
Enlight07/2011-11/2013regio13Interactive visualization of machining processes by complex geometry models using highly parallelized algorithms. Regio13 WebsiteIndustrial Software Applications
VPA 4.010/2017-6/2019Land OÖImproved and individualized traffic information and prognosis for car drivers in Upper Austria via croud-sourcing.Logistics Informatics

Network Projects

Industrial Software Applications


The goal of ARCADES is to lay the foundation for a new generation of CAD programs using state-of-the-art mathematical approaches.

Project Grapes

GRAPES aims at considerably advancing the state of the art in Mathematics, Computer-Aided Design, and Machine Learning in order to promote game changing approaches for generating, optimising, and learning 3D shapes, along with a multisectoral training for young researchers.

Medical Informatics

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Logistics Informatics

Im Rahmen der “Initiative Connected Mobility” (ICM) wird im Projekt DigiTrans der Aufbau und Betrieb einer Testumgebung bestehend aus Forschungs-, Entwicklungs- und Evaluierungsstruktur für Automatisiertes Fahren in Österreich sondiert.