A promising European solution for reliable, secure and personalized consumption of news content

Every second we receive large amounts of new information from different media – and we are becoming more and more aware of how difficult it has become not to lose track, to distinguish fake news from truthful news, and to always be up-to-date. Fortunately, there is already a solution for this. Since its founding in 2017, the Linz-based company Newsadoo has been tackling precisely these challenges as one of the most promising media start-ups in Europe.

The eponymous product Newsadoo – the “Spotify for News” – allows users to access numerous sources as well as to seamlessly consume news across multiple digital devices (including desktop, responsive mobile or voice assistants), which are connected via the application. One key element is an intelligent algorithm that provides personalized news based on a user’s learned consumption behavior. With this news article Recommender System, which continuously adapts to the individual needs and interests, users can be provided with relevant and particularly interesting articles at any time. To ensure the quality of the suggestion mechanism, not only the recommender system but also the underlying evaluation of articles must provide solid and valuable results. For this purpose, the texts have to be processed and analyzed automatically in a first step. This involves using techniques from the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP for short), which is what makes the transformation of unstructured data (text) into structured, evaluable content possible in the first place.

Together with Newsadoo and SCCH, RISC Software GmbH is working on the further development of the recommendation algorithm in the TIDE project (Transparent, Intelligent, Diverse, European News Recommendation Algorithm). The research focus is on additional innovative factors such as objectivity, integrity and diversity of content in order to meet the demands of media diversity and variety, to counteract one-sided news consumption and to offer the greatest possible transparency.

RISC Software GmbH is looking forward to supporting you in the submission and implementation of (research) projects in the field of Natural Language Processing.

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