An essential success factor in supporting medical professionals is the integration and utilization of a complete data processing chain for medical practice. All steps from data import, validation, imputation, exploration and prediction to ongoing validation are covered.

The development of the necessary structures for data processing is carried out within the framework of selected example scenarios such as the transfer management of the intensive care unit, the optimization of the Manchester Triage System in the emergency room, the optimal application of blood reserves or the prediction of cardiac instability.

The focus is on the exploration of a generic and easily configurable data processing chain for proven and state-of-the-art methods to meet future requirements. In addition to structured data, image, video and signal data as well as combinations of different data modalities and a specialized feature extraction serve as information and data basis.

The research focus is on interactive data analysis of different modalities with a focus on interpretability, traceability of individual data or data groups in the sense of “Explainable AI”, as medicine has particularly high requirements in this respect.


Dr. Michael Giretzlehner

Head of Research Department Medical Informatics


Medical Cognitive Computing Center – MC3

The State of Upper Austria sees artificial intelligence (AI) as one of the most important technology trends of the next decade.