A just-in-time system for the control of transport logistics chains.

Mueller Transports is one of Austria‘s leading transportation companies in the area of temperature-controlled cargos. For many years, market leaders in the food, pharmaceuticals and electronics industries have been relying on Mueller as a trusted transportation and distribution partner to transport their temperature-sensitive goods. With 200 in-house truck trailers, Mueller Transports has been working in the international transport business for over 50 years.

LGV Fresh Vegetables is a cooperative made up of approximately 110 gardener families, and supplies 60 percent of Austrians with fresh vegetables in the domestic vegetable season.
As part of a supply chain-wide, innovative IT solution completely new for the transport industry, a „just-in-time system for fresh produce transports“ was developed. This system is used for the rapid and efficient exchange of information between all parties involved in the supply network.
At the beginning, the purpose of the system was discussed with the stakeholders: Significant issues were more modern, more transparent, simpler and faster communication, reducing the amount of paper, avoidance of multiple processes, and more accurate planning and improvement of data quality.

The main and secondary processes were identified at several workshops and the workflow for this software was developed as a result. Upon receipt of orders at LGV, an AVISO is automatically generated. The aim is to provide the freighter with immediate information regarding possible transport and delivery volumes.

Changes due to lack of availability or a change of the dispatching warehouse can be transferred immediately to the freight companies. After the expiration of defined time windows, the AVISOs are converted to ORDERS, and the dispatching process is automatically started at the freighters.

Upon the acceptance of the goods by the freight companies, the actual quantities, which are again registered by SCAN when loading, are transmitted with the delivery data to the system, respectively provided to the freighter. The transport now being executed is monitored by means of a telemetry system in the vehicle. A status message is generated upon arrival at the customer, which, in turn, is made available to LGV. In this way, information about delivery status is also available for the client.

Access to the necessary data was provided to everyone by means of XML technologies, and web services were implemented for the corresponding interfaces. Moreover, the existing telemetry data is integrated into the system via web services and linked to the job data. With an additional web portal, the orders to be processed and their current status are displayed.
After an appropriate introduction phase, this system was transferred to the operating mode and provides a win-win situation for all participants.
Foto: Müller Transporte, LGV