Real-time traffic situation for the state of Upper Austria.

The aim of the project ITS Upper Austria is the interim operation and development of a real-time traffic overview for the state of Upper Austria.

RISC Software GmbH and Logistikum Steyr are working on the implementation. Funded by the State of Upper Austria and the Climate and Energy Fund, the project will be realized on the basis of the open source software SUMO (“Simulation of Urban Mobility“). SUMO is a traffic simulation software package that was originally developed by the German Air and Space Centre and has already been successfully used for major events in Germany.

Necessary enhancements and simulations of SUMO for the expansion to handle a real-time traffic situation of an entire state have been carried out directly by RISC Software GmbH. This concerns, for example, the performance, which has been enhanced by
parallelization methods.

For the calculation of the real-time traffic situation picture, multiple data sources are used. It is based on a traffic graph developed during the previous project GIP, meaning graph integration platform. All highways, as well as federal, state and local roads, are covered in the GIP.

Other data comprises count data from permanent census points, which the state of Upper Austria has distributed in fixed positions across the country, and road works messages that are also taken into account in the calculation of the traffic situation.

Beyond that, floating car data (FCD) is integrated as an additional data source. FCD is generated by vehicles moving in the province of Upper Austria that have a corresponding FCD unit installed. In the process, the current GPS position, speed and time are continuously transmitted to a central server and stored anonymously. If the reported speeds of FCD within a certain road section then differ significantly from the average speed stored in the system, a traffic obstruction, such as a traffic jam in the respective road section, is considered. This information is taken into account when calculating travel times.

Finally, the project ITS UA has to be seen as a component of a larger system: Traffic Information Austria, abbreviated as VAO in German, aims to provide multi-modal traffic information for all citizens of Austria.

Thanks to the multi-modality, when the user requests a route calculation, he/she can quickly gain an overview about when he/she will reach the desired destination with which means of transport and at which time. Among other things, it is hoped to make public transport more attractive.

ITS Austria UA will provide traffic data for the state of Upper Austria to the VAO, so that the current traffic situation is included when calculating a route.

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