Information system for compliance with a standardized workflow.

GS1 Austria offers its customers user-oriented standards and services for identification, information and processes for cost and quality optimization. GS1 Sync offers a central article master data service as a clearinghouse for the Austrian consumer goods industry. In order to meet the high standards in the food sector (such as the Food Information Regulation, in short: LMIV), strict controls and adherence to a precisely defined workflow are required. The quality check of the food data is carried out by the GS1 Austria manually by specially trained staff. Prior to the joint project with RISC Software GmbH, the entire workflow, including communication with the customers, was also handled manually. This workflow is now handled using a CALUMMA based web based workflow system. CALUMMA is a new generation of data management software that combines data complexity, interface diversity and visualization with ease of use.

The employees of GS1 Austria log in via the multi­user capable web platform and see all the test jobs they are responsible for and can process these in clearly defined processes implemented in the system.

GS1 Austria automatically imports the food data into CALUMMA. This ensures an uninterrupted workflow starting from control up to confirmation to the release of product data by GS1 Austria employees. Automatic emails meanwhile keep customers up to date. File management, reporting and complete change tracking are also handled in CALUMMA.

The actual core task of the quality check remains untouched: the comparison of the information the label of the product with the electronic data is carried out at hight speed and with great accuracy. The entire process has been digitized or partially automated and thus accelerated and optimized. This is a successful example of digitization, which is not in competition with the employees and users, but in profitable interaction.

The efficient processing of workflows with CALUMMA significantly reduced the lead time of quality checks. For the future, it is going to be constantly extended with new features.