Digitization of B2B processes

Flexible approach to new requirements

Do you need help with the digitalization of your B2B processes? Be it order processing, production flow, information or project management. We support you in bringing order to your processes and in developing efficient and comprehensible workflow systems adapted to your needs.ln.

We are the enablers of digital transformation!

Digitalization is currently a term that is strategically high on the agenda of many companies. In addition to increasing productivity and a higher degree of automation, there are also efforts for more connectivity and transparency. At the same time, projects with a focus on digitization are often underestimated and unpredictable due to their complexity.

The digital transformation affects all departments and organizational areas and requires a high degree of change, often also a cultural change. We see ourselves as enablers and bring the comprehensive competence with us. We provide the experts with whose domain knowledge this process is driven forward. But also the technological challenges are becoming more and more diverse due to the complexity.

Project process: next steps

Pre-project phase

At the beginning a joint problem analysis with your domain experts takes place. Once the actual situation has been established, our experts can draft preliminary ideas for a solution. As soon as it is clear which rough specifications have been established, the project schedule can be determined. Only then can the project be started.

classic vs. agile

Agile methods for software development are used in the company for projects where flexibility is required or new, innovative products are to be developed. If a customer or a client knows from the beginning exactly what his or her product must be able to do, it is recommended to use a classic waterfall model for project development. However, if the customer’s requirements are not yet completely clear, it is advisable to choose an agile process model. This allows new or changed requirements during development to be immediately incorporated into the process or superfluous features to be deleted. Here we rely on the project management method “Scrum”, with which three large projects were already implemented last year, including a large B-2-B portal in retail.


  • How do I implement a customer portal?
  • How do I manage my products?
  • How do I map my workflows online?
  • How can I provide my employees with a digital office to make their home office efficient?
  • How do I manage my specific production process data?

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Reference projects

Salinen Austria AG Product Management

Salinen Austria AG is Austria’s leading manufacturer of salt products with an annual production of 1.1 million tonnes and a turnover of € 100 million.

GS1 Austria Workflow

GS1 Austria offers its customers user-oriented standards and services for identification, information and processes to optimize costs and quality.


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