Do you need help digitizing your B2B processes? Be it order processing, production flow, information or project management. We support you in bringing order to your processes and developing efficient and comprehensible workflow systems adapted to your needs.
We are the enablers of digital transformation!

Digitalization is currently a term that is strategically high on the agenda of many companies. In addition to increasing productivity and a higher degree of automation, efforts are being made to increase connectivity and transparency. At the same time, projects with a focus on digitalization are often underestimated and unpredictable due to their complexity.

Digital transformation affects all departments and organizational areas and demands a high degree of change, often also a cultural change. We see ourselves as enablers and bring the comprehensive expertise. We provide the experts with whose domain knowledge this process is driven forward. But the technological challenges are also becoming more and more diverse due to the complexity.


  • How do I implement a customer portal?
  • How do I manage my products?
  • How do I map my workflows online?
  • How can I provide my employees with a digital office to make home offices more efficient?
  • How do I manage my specific production process data?


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stephan Leitner

Head of Unit Domain-specific Applications


GS1 Austria Workflow

GS1 Austria offers its customers user-oriented standards and services for identification, information and processes to optimize costs and quality.


The term whistleblowing (“to blow the whistle”, meaning “to give a hint”) has been on everyone‘s lips at the latest since the Edward Snowden case.