The optimal use of resources is one of the most central factors in ensuring competitiveness. Despite their high importance, practically applicable out-of-the-box software solutions in the field of production planning are hardly available or are usually insufficient with regard to the complex requirements of today’s economy.

For production companies, it is important to sustainably improve manufacturing processes, to continuously reduce the energy and resource requirements and to increase adherence to delivery dates. This can be achieved with the help of efficient planning and control, whereby considerable added value is generated by linking and further developing methods from mathematics and computer science and by working closely with domain experts.

Optimized production planning

In the area of production planning, the goal of RISC Software GmbH is to provide integrated batch size and sequence planning and thus to optimize internal logistics processes. Real problems and their constraints as well as the desired optimization goal are modeled and then suitable solution strategies are developed to make production processes more efficient, flexible and cost-saving. Depending on the complexity of the problem, solution methods are applied, ranging from the use of mathematical and heuristic methods to the implementation of high-end solution tools. With the help of methods of Artificial Intelligence, even large scale problems and problems under dynamic influences can be solved efficiently.

Simulation and optimization of material flows

Another area of competence of RISC Software GmbH is the simulation and optimization of material flows. Due to the high dynamics and complexity of planning and decision problems, simulation tools are used to map logistic processes for planning, evaluation and optimization. Thus, transport, production and warehousing processes can be displayed clearly and bottlenecks can be identified within a short time. Information on performance is thus already available during the planning phase, enabling process-based cost calculation and early improvement of processes.

Main activities in the area of Decision Optimization

Production planning (rough and detailed planning)

Disruption management, rolling planning, what-if analyses

Large-scale scheduling, discrete optimization

Optimization in almost real time for machine and plant control

Route, transport and tour planning

Customer-specific planning problems


Natural Language Processing-Zuständige

Mag. Stefanie Kritzinger, PhD

Head of Unit Logistics Informatics


Maßgeschneiderte Optimierungslösungen mit Industrie Informatik GmbH

In einem laufenden Projekt gemeinsam mit dem Partner Industrie Informatik GmbH entwickelt die RISC Software GmbH innovative Planungsansätze zur Fertigungsoptimierung für die bestehende Software cronetwork.

Nachhaltige Holzverarbeitung dank Optimierung

Gemeinsam mit der FILL Gesellschaft m.b.H. entwickelte die RISC Software GmbH eine Optimierungslösung für die Produktion von Leimbindern.

Research Project DigiMont

In order to achieve high value-added shares in the future and thus secure locations and jobs, productivity and agility in production must be steadily increased, the transparency and traceability of all processes constantly improved, and the costs reduced.

Sprecher Automation – marker-making optimization

The aim of this project was to develop a tool for all those Rumplmayr employees responsible in the planning area.

BORBET Austria GmbH Production Planning

For over 20 years, the Ranshofen-based Borbet Austria GmbH has been manufacturing aluminium wheels for the European automotive industry.

RISC Software GmbH optimiert Biegeprogramme für TRUMPF

Um aus mehreren Milliarden Möglichkeiten eines Biegeprozesses in der Fertigungstechnik die optimale auszuwählen, kommt ein Optimierungsalgorithmus der RISC Software GmbH zum Einsatz. Was durch einfaches Ausprobieren nicht in einem Menschenleben machbar wäre, erledigt die Software in nur wenigen Minuten.