In the age of Industry 4.0, digitization and automation enable extensive recording of machine, process and logistics data. This presents companies in a wide range of industries with the challenge of securely storing large amounts of data and processing it in a useful way in order to gain valuable information from it, forecast future events as accurately as possible and react accordingly.

The data scientists at RISC Software GmbH have extensive expertise and many years of experience in the fields of data management and data analytics. By using modern methods for smart data analysis and forecasting, the challenge of Big Data can be seen as an important opportunity for process and revenue optimization.

In the area of data engineering, extensive amounts of data from different databases and systems are linked together to create a cross-process database. Data models are then developed from these linked data.

The data models are analysed by applying statistical procedures as well as modern methods in the fields of data analytics, visual analytics and machine learning. In the process, correlations, correlations and patterns are identified, which are used for error and cause analysis as well as for continuous quality monitoring.

Choice of methods

In the area of predictive analytics, mathematical forecast algorithms as well as methods of artificial intelligence are used to produce valid forecasts of future developments and to identify bottlenecks or surpluses at an early stage.

Based on these predictions, Prescriptive Analytics is used to derive recommendations for action, resulting in numerous optimizations such as increased efficiency in production processes or improved product quality.

Main activities in the field of Data Science in the Industry

Industrie 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT)

Analysis of process and machine data (time series, logs)

Methods of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Intelligence (MI)

Linking data streams with model information

Data Engineering: Graph Databases

Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive Analytics and Predictive Maintenance


Natural Language Processing-Zuständige

Mag. Stefanie Kritzinger, PhD

Head of Unit Logistics Informatics


Virtual Production Assistant – Added value through data analysis

In the age of Industry 4.0, process and machine data are increasingly seen as an integral part of a company‘s value creation.

Machine Learning bringt mehr Sicherheit und Verfügbarkeit im Bahnverkehr

In the research project “iTPP 4.0”, basic knowledge was developed which should enable an intelligent switch for railway traffic.

Research Project BOOST 4.0

Boost 4.0 is the largest European initiative for Big Data for Industry 4.0. Boost 4.0 has a budget of 20 million euros with an additional private investment of 100 million euros.

Mowis bietet österreichweite Verkehrsinformationen für die Verkehrsmittel Auto, Bahn, Flugzeug und Schiff auf einer Webseite. Die RISC Software GmbH agierte in der Rolle des technischen Projektleiters.