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RISC Software GmbH is a well-established, national and international Research and Development company. The company is owned by the Johannes Kepler University Linz (80%) and Upper Austrian Research GmbH (20%). We incorporate mathematics, computer science and machine learning methods with practical experience and thereby develop individual software solutions for companies, medicine and industry in interdisciplinary teams.

Wolfgang Freiseisen

Chief Executive Officer: Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Freiseisen


Founder: Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. h.c.mult. Bruno Buchberger


Chairman: Prof. Dr. Peter Paule

The company was founded in 1992 as part of the RISC Institute by Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. h.c.mult. Bruno Buchberger. From this day on, Dr. Buchberger supported the company as mentor. The duality of basic research (RISC Institute) and application (RISC Software GmbH) has continued until today and is hold up in close cooperation with the chairman Prof. Dr. Peter Paule in many different ways.


  • 56 Men
  • 23 Women



Founded by Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. h.c.mult. Bruno Buchberger

77 Projects

  • UAT: 41
  • AT: 21
  • EU: 11
  • Inter.: 4

5.4 Mio. €



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Scientific Partners







RISC Software GmbH is owned by the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (80%) and Upper Austrian Research GmbH (20%, Upper Austria).

Johannes Kepler University Linz

Upper Austrian Research GmbH


The board of directors consists of:

(c) Ulli Engleder

Mag.a Christiane Tusek

Chairman of the Board
Johannes Kepler University Linz
Vice-rector for finances

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Paule

Johannes Kepler University Linz
Director RISC

Mag.a Ingrid Rabmer

Member of the Board
Upper Austrian Research GmbH
Chief Financial Officer
Member of UAR Innovation Network Logo

Company Values


We have more than 25 years of project experience. From the first moment on, it has been important to us to be a reliable and competent partner. We commit ourselves to the expectations of our company partners, satisfy promises, inform about relevant changes in time and identify new ideas and approaches.


We are aware about our responsibility and take care that our services comply with a sustainable development. We see ourselves as long-term and strategic partner in order to bring forth innovation and improvement for our customers.


We create an atmosphere of transparency, trust and openness. These are important preconditions for cooperative actions and is reflected within all areas of the RISC Software GmbH.


Our employees are our most valuable asset, because they are the basis for the company’s success. Therefore we aspire to set up conditions that allows to unite occupational and private interests.


Fairness takes a center stage. We aspire for long-term partnerships and therefore look for solutions, which are favorable for all involved parties.

Economic Stability

We gear towards making profits, because they are the precondition for the continuity of our company. Based on our know-how and our diversified clientele, we can also grow in economically difficult times.

High Quality

We know and fulfill our customers’ expectations. Our customers and measurements for quality assurance are integrated into the whole software development process and are the basis for high-quality solutions.

High Level of Competence

A qualified education is important and we guarantee our employees continous further development. Based on the cycle of learning and working everyone gains additional knowledge. We encourage our talents individually and hereby set the basis to bring forth outstanding achievements for our customers.

Mission Statement

Customer orientation – our highest principle

We strive for a sustainable benefit for our customers. We are convinced that successful solutions depend on a holistic approach. Successfully completed projects and experiences are the basis for a sound cooperation, usually lasting for many years.

Visions turn into reality

Innovation means future. We concentrate on the topics and technologies of tomorrow, which are of special interest for our partners. Creative solutions of high quality, based on state-of-the-art technolgy, support the economic success of our customers.

Scientific cooperations for outstanding solutions

We unite several disciplines by closely cooperation with universities and research divisions. We profit from the special know-how of different divisions and combine practical relevance with research and development. Thereby we create a network of knowledge, which is in total more comprehensive than the singular parts.

Success through partnerships

We have many years of experience in terms of cooperations with notable companies from industry and research facilities. We are willing to share our knowledge and experience with our partners, because long-term cooperations guarantee durable success.




Foundation of a Software Development Working Group as part of the RISC Software GmbH.



Founding under the name “Gödel School” Softwareentwicklung & Systemtechnik Gesellschaft mbH by Bruno Buchberger.



RISC Software GmbH specializes in software for logistics and production planning.



Launch of the cooperation with DS Automotion in the field of driverless transport systems. RISC Software GmbH has 6 employees.



DI Wolfgang Freiseisen becomes Managing Director.



The cooperation between Airbus and RISC Software GmbH starts.



RISC Software becomes a sub­sidiary of JKU Linz.



RISC Software starts participation in the first EU project named PLATO-N.



The Unit Logistics Informatics wins the multimedia & e-business STATEPRIZE 2008 in the category: e-commerce and customer loyalty for Post.Versandmanmanager.Pro. Integration of Research Unit Medical Informatics and the involvement of Upper Austrian Research GmbH with 20%.



RISC Software GmbH is a founding member of the Austrian Center of Scientific Computing.



Research Unit Medical Informatics wins MEDVIS 3D State Prize for Innovation for MEDVIS 3D. Start of the project ITS Austria West. RISC software has over 50 employees.



The Unit Advanced Computing Technologies launches EU project: MrSymBioMath.



The “food4all @ home” research project of the Unit Logistics Informatics wins Spring Award of bmvit.



With Virtual Aneurysm, the Research Unit Medical Informatics wins the State Prize for Innovations of the State of Upper Austria for the most radical innovation.



RISC Software GmbH is the lead developer of the AI strategy for the State of Upper Austria.



RISC celebrates Anniversary: 30 Years RISC Institute and 25 Years RISC Software GmbH.





Foundation of Unit Domain-specific Applications