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Central issues of science, business and industry can only be met by combining all available solution methods today. Methods and skills from computer science and mathematics are used. Software solutions contribute an increasingly important part in this area. The implementation of applied research projects and technology transfer from the university environment in the economy are crucial for the development and competitiveness of Europe as a business location.

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RISC Software GmbH is one of the most renowned Austrian research institutions and has been engaged in research and development since its foundation more than 25 years ago. This involves applied research, experimental development and technology transfer to basic research in the field of professional software development. RISC Software GmbH emerged as the application-oriented area of the RISC Institute JKU and is therefore deeply linked to the university environment. RISC Software covers three main areas:

Software Development

The application of methods and expertise from computer science and mathematics for problems of science, business and industry.

Technology Transfer

The technology transfer by software from the University in the economy, particularly in terms of basic research.

Applied Research Projects

The implementation of applied research projects for the Austrian economy in national and international context.


The four applications-oriented areas of RISC Software GmbH - Domain expertise as an advantage

RISC Software GmbH is divided into four thematic areas of research: Industrial Software Applications (ISA), Logistics Informatics (LI), Medical Informatics (MI) and Advanced Computing Technologies (ACT). While ISA and LI are mostly dealing with software solutions for economic and industrial research within products and projects, the areas MI and ACT deal with basic research and applied research and development.
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Funded Projects

RISC Software GmbH supports you when searching for a matching grant for your personal project proposals in order to keep the costs manageable. Cooperation with RISC Software GmbH facilitates domestic companies access to research funding, because the expertise, the experience and reputation of RISC Software GmbH is essential for the Grantor in assessing the eligibility. Of course, this cannot be seen as a guarantee for any funding commitment. Nevertheless, the high success rate speaks for a cooperation with RISC Software GmbH. Approximately 90% of the projects were transferred from research in practice or in the next stage of development within two years.

RISC Software GmbH distinguishes three types of projects:

Feasibility and Concept Studies

Feasibility and concept studies can be conducted as innovation checks or feasibility studies.

Cooperative Research

The cooperative research is characterized as a consortium of research and industrial partners who submit a joint research project, get it authorized and then implement it. Following funding opportunities are available: EU projects, ICT of the future cluster projects.

Contract Research

In contract research the rights and obligations are clearly defined by a contract between contractor and client. There are special requirements of the Grantor for specific national funding programs such as innovation cheque, feasibility study or FFG basic programs.


Basically, this unbureaucratic funding opportunities for Austrian companies are a low-threshold way to research to reduce risk in the beginning and RISC Software GmbH is happy to advise with its long experience.


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Selected Projects


Project-Name Runtime Framework programme Short description Long description
PLATO-N 10/2006-12/2009 FP-6 A Platform for Topology Optimisation incorporating Novel, Large-Scale, Free Material Optimisation and Mixed Integer Programming Methods
LHCPHENONET 01/2011-12/2014 FP-7 Advanced Particle Phenomenology in the LHC era
PRACE-3IP 07/2012-06/2016 FP-7 PRACE - Third Implementation Phase Project
Mr.SymBioMath 02/2013-01/2017 FP-7 High Performance, Cloud and Symbolic Computing in Big-Data problems applied to mathematical modeling of Comparative Genomics
ARCADES 01/2016-01/2020 H2020 Algebraic Representations in Computer-Aided Design for complEx Shapes
PRACE-4IP 02/2015-05/2017 H2020 PRACE 4th Implementation Phase Project
HiggsTools 01/2014-12/2017 FP7 The Higgs quest - exploring electroweak symmetry breaking at the LHC
InnoHPC 01/2017-06/2019 interreg InnoHPC project is a pioneering effort to improve framework conditions for innovation by providing unique institutional and technological infrastructure, designed specifically to pool and exploit HPC infrastructure on a transnational level.

Regional Projects

Project-Name Runtime Framework programme Short description Long description
Enlight 07/2011-11/2013 regio13 Interactive visualization of machining processes by complex geometry models using highly parallelized algorithms.
Engrave 12/201312/2014 regio13 New, massively parallel computation method for the efficient simulation of modeling processes.

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