CALUMMA Data Infrastructure

The CALUMMA system is a highly adaptable data acquisition and management system, for complex medical data. It is able to handle data of almost aribtrary structure and complexity. The generic meta data-model of CALUMMA allows the users to define and customize the system for the actual use case without any programming. CALUMMA is multi-user system that allows to define detailed acces right to each user or usergroup. Take a look at the 1o1 USE CASE to see how it works!





Define your own data structures of interest using the intuitive wizards on the CALUMMA Management Tool or the web interface. The whole system adapts itself to these definitions at runtime, including web interface, data input forms, data overview tables, search masks, data interfaces, etc. 




CALUMMA Management Tool


Integrate data from numerous heterogeneous input sources using the data integration module of CALUMMA or use the automatically created web interface to acquire the data of interest in a structured and save way or . 





Web Interface


Use the Management Tool to process and analyse the collected data. Define rulse for data validity and check all data records against these rules to ensure data quality of your research project. 









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